10. Beagles

If you are looking for a calm and collected dog for the family, the beagle may not be the one you should go for. Beagles are hounds which make them pointer dogs. They are supposed to be outside the house a lot. Beagles love to run and sniff. However, beagles are included in our list of dog breeds for kids and families because of their friendly demeanor.

In fact, beagles are sweet dogs. They love to play and interact with humans, perfect for those who have toddlers. However, you also have to be cautious since some beagles can be a bit heavy for the toddlers to handle.

What parents can do is to train beagles. Beagles tend to get attached to humans howling at night in the absence of people in the house. Beagles are also prone to having some conditions such as rashes and cherry eye. It is a good idea to always check their health.