Surely every car owner, who is engaged in tuning, at least once thought about the installation on your car body kit, or at least its main components. Such a kit is not working at all only to give the car an aggressive or sporty, but also to improve its behavior in line (usually at the highest speed), in other words to increase the running data.

Each component of the body kit carries its own explicit function, for example thresholds kit cars running to take the side twists, which squeeze the car off the road, and the bumper body kit is able to prevent all sorts of twists again emerging air behind the car, etc. One of the important elements are considered underweight spoiler and a rear wing. Because the spoiler and rear wing are the main parts of the body kit. Examine them in detail.

How does the wing and why is it necessary?

Rear wing is essentially the same wing that have planes, only inverted. But this wing does not raise the car up in the air, and on the other hand presses and presses, the stronger the higher the speed, as well as the area of ​​the whole wing. Comparing with other components, which are crucial for aerodynamics car, the impact of «right» wing is about 50%. «Right» wing can not be a chur tiny and should not be located close to a large extent to the body of car, because in the best case, it will work like a normal spoiler, well, at worst, as they say will be non-functional.

Now the drawbacks. When moving at a high speed grows the load on the wheel increases the mechanical costs of their rolling. Besides all this, the wing makes the auxiliary aerodynamic resistance, which with increasing speed is increasing. Report Form and installation of wing will just slow down your machine, which can lead to excessive fuel consumption.

Why need a spoiler?

Spoiler — multiplies the presser power cars at the front and rear axle, entails the least amount of energy costs in the flow around the body of car air. All advantages of spoiler above can improve controllability of cars at high speeds, which increases the security of the motion.

Structurally, there are many kinds of spoilers — small rear window visor, an independent component part on the trunk or the back side of the roof. For machines correctly installed and designed many important spoiler is quite able to replace the wing. Besides all this, a spoiler (especially the front) can save fuel when moving at high speed.

Currently, the popularity of spoilers very noticeable, they can be found even on trucks.